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Why Wednesday?

Design Philosophy



Why Wednesday?? Wednesday Seven Days A Week?!

Take a look below and choose the most productive day from a week.


Monday Morning Syndrome, first day back to work, recovering from weekend…


Spent in remembering where to pick-up unfinished work from last week


Fully Recovered from Weekend, Remember where to continue unfinished works; the “Not-Good! I’ve done nothing and it’s the middle of the week” urgency feeling kicks in = Perform work in higher gear…


Feeling good about Wednesday’s good work….take it easy for a bit, I deserved it…


Only 8 more hours till the fun filled weekend!!!

Saturday &

It’s the weekend…Need I say more?

Wouldn't it be nice if you can have Wednesday’s productivity for every day of the week, 24 hours a day including the weekends? Of course it would be!!

We called ourselves Wednesday Automation because we create process automation solutions that give you Wednesday’s productivity for everyday of the week. We think of ways to implement automated self-service solutions that provided higher and increased level of services.

Leisure for human, busy for the machine!


    2007 Wednesday Automation Inc.