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Our Design Philosophy

In Wednesday Automation, our design philosophy is Natural, Simple, & Continuous. Automated processes should flow as natural as water, as simple as breathing, and as continuous as a running stream. We believe process automation solutions bring new life to existing service channels, enabling organizations to achieve higher goals in client services.

Solution designs are always base on accurate user and business requirements; allowing our custom solutions to fully fulfill our clients’ need, rather than trying to mold our clients into existing solutions. As a result, Wednesday’s solutions are always appropriate, practical, intuitive and easy to use, with minimal learning curve for first time and repeated users.

Self-Service Kiosk solutions with the above properties will always provide the same customer service experience as dealing with a well-trained human agent with the added bonus of consistent guaranteed service quality and increased service availability.

On the technology side, our solutions always utilize the most robust, advance, and appropriate technologies; therefore our client can always enjoy all the benefits and efficiencies innovative technologies has to offer. With an effective and robust technical solution, our clients can make their process automation strategy spending into profitable long-term investments.


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