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Consultation Services

Process Automation Consulting & Implementation

• Process Automation Strategies & Consulting

• Cinema Boothless Projection Strategies & Cinema Design Consulting

• Complete Software & Hardware Self-Service Kiosk Solutions

• Kiosk System Management and Maintenance Services

• Self-Service Kiosk Solution Offerings:


- Hotel Check-In/Check-Out Kiosks


- Casino Guest Services Kiosks


- Visitor Registration Security Kiosks


- Information Display Kiosks


- HR & Administration Portals

What We Do + How We Do It

Our solution team consists of seasoned technical and business professionals that are experienced in transforming front-line customer engagement scenarios into user friendly self-service kiosk systems for the airline, hospitality, ground transportation, financial, government and retail industries. We understand the essential balance between sound business models, practical user interface design, and robust technology implementation.

• We provide process automation solutions for client facing scenarios

• We specialize in self-service strategies, using custom software & highly reliable kiosks

• We deliver practical, robust & innovative custom self-service solutions

• We design innovative, practical and cost effective process automation strategies using intuitive
   self-service technologies to achieve:


- Higher Efficiency


- Greater Service Capability


- Consistent Service Quality


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